Intern Program

We want to acknowledge and give a special thanks to all the intern participates who assist with the website, articles, and the social media campaigns.

Debbie Adamson

Debbie-Adamson-125x125Debbie Adamson is an accomplished writer, editor and published author. She is perfecting her skills in photography and videography and is able to produce and edit video and incorporate photography to produce a full media story from any location. She is passionate about human-interest feature stories. Adamson holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Media/journalism from the Walla Walla University and a Master of Arts Degree from Full Sail University in New Media Journalism. View Debbie’s media stories and articles.

Anna Aum

Anna-Aum-125x125Writer and Social Media Coordinator with background in critical thinking, creative writing, and rhetoric. Graduated from Eastwood Christian School Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA and Classical Distinction. Double major in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and a minor in Legal Studies at Auburn University of Montgomery. Interests include extending criminal justice knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Dallin Law

Dallin-Law-125x125Dallin Law is an NRA certified firearms instructor and Utah concealed carry instructor for the last 3 years. Owner and operator of firearms training company Southern Fire Firearms Training in Logan Utah. A recent graduate from University of Phoenix, with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Larry Abbey

Larry-Abbey-125x125Larry Abbey is a college senior majoring in psychology at Old Dominion University. He enjoys studying people and the environment. He also is interested in brand marketing, especially boosting a company’s online presence. He one day hopes to own his own business and publish a self help book to encourage others to reach their potential.

Joel Varghese

Joel-Varghese-125x125Joel Varghese is a college junior majoring in computer science at Rutgers University. He enjoys making websites and web applications. He is also interested in making android and iOS applications. In future he hopes to start his own business which develops web and mobile applications.