Chief James Breletic

Chief James Breletic

A native born Georgian, Chief Breletic graduated from Saint Leo University with a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. He also attended Concord University of Law School. He has over thirty years of law enforcement experience. His past ranks include the rank of Colonel, Deputy Chief of Police, and Chief of Detectives.

In the criminal investigative division, Chief James Breletic was responsible for all criminal offenses, against property and persons. Chief Breletic was assigned as a federal narcotics agent with the United States Department of Justice (Drug Enforcement Administration) for nine years. Chief Breletic holds various degrees and certifications including, Certified Law Enforcement Trainer in the United States.

Chief James Breletic numerous awards include:

  • Recognized for “Outstanding Contributions to Drug Enforcement” by Donnie Marshall Administrator of DEA.
  • Received Meritorious Service Award.
  • Two accommodations for Appreciation and Outstanding Service from Clarkston Police Department.
  • Honored with a Certificate of Appreciation as past board member of “Bridging the Gap Project” in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Recognized by the United States Attorney’s Office and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Chief James Breletic has been the Chief Executive Officer for two international companies. One company, is an international private investigative corporation. The second is a security training company that specializes in close protective operatives, risk assessments, specialized operations, health and safety training.

In Europe, Chief James Breletic is a certified security trainer, security specialist, first aid instructor, and a recognized Excel Trainer and Educator.

Some Organizations that Chief James Breletic currently hold memberships in are:

  • Georgia Chief’s Association.
  • International Association of Chief’s of Police.
  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers.
  • World Wide Private Investigators.
  • Qual-Safe First Aid Training.
  • Post Certified Instructor.
  • The Emerald Society.
  • Lawyers and Legal Open Networkers.
  • World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI) – Fellow.
  • Neuro Linguistic Kinetic Body Language Expert Interviewer.

Chief James Breletic welcomes all contact from citizens within the Lake Park and Lowndes County.