Municipal Court Judge

Judge Carl RodgersJudge Carlos Rodgers serves as Municipal Court Judge for Lake Park City of Georgia.

Appointed in and has attained over 260 hours in Probate law classes and over 280 hours in Magistrate law classes threw University of Georgia and the Council of Probate & Magistrate Judges.


Judge Rodgers has attended over 210 hours of traffic court classes and wrote the first Traffic Bench Book for Probate Judges in the State of Georgia. In addition, he has also attended over 140 hours of election classes.

Judge Rodgers received the President’s exemplary service award for the year of 2004-2005 from the Probate Judges Council for creating the first Traffic Bench book for Probate Judges.

Currently Judge Rodgers serves on the Lake Park Chambers of Commerce for the last 7 years and also served as Vice President and President for the year 2007-2009.