Traffic Enforcement

The very word “Traffic Enforcement” strikes fear into the rush hour motorist. What citizens call speed traps; police officers call a speed zone. Areas that are more prone to higher speeds than others are the areas that require law enforcements more focused efforts. Every day someone dies in a vehicle accident. Whether it be because of falling asleep at the wheel, texting, or otherwise distracted. In order to prevent incidents the main easiest factor to control is speed. Police officers can increase the amount of awareness by creating these feared “traffic enforcement”.


MotorVAcc  (Georgia Office of Highway Safety)
Purpose and reason is the meaning behind traffic enforcement. As the public gets off work and begins to head home the highways become scenes of accidents and news agencies reporting the names of those lost in a senseless incident. What most motorists do not consider is changing speed according to the conditions. Though the speed limit may be 55 mph does not mean you have to be going that speed through a blinding rain storm. Not only does law enforcement assist in trying to prevent accidents but they are the first responders when accidents occur. This brings us to another deadly concoction that puts officers and citizens’ lives on the line. How curious are you as a passing motorist to look at an accident as you pass by see the destruction makes sense of why traffic has slowed so much. When this occurs people often times will collide with the officers on the scene trying to assist injured motorists. “In the United States alone, an average of 43,000 people are killed every year due to car accidents. Almost half of those accidents are alcohol or drug related.” (How many people die,2013)
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Incidents have been proven that if speed was reduced reaction time to incidents would increase dramatically. Officers are an excellent option for this reminder on the roads. Who doesn’t hit the brakes as they come around a corner and spot an officer on the side of the road with a radar gun? Traffic enforcement can be requested in areas as well. If your streets seems to have vehicles commonly traffic enforcement and down in front of your house you can ask local law enforcement to run an occasional traffic enforcement in the area. This will dramatically reduce the amount of potentials for accidents and assist those concerned citizens in knowing the kids in the neighborhood are safer when they cross the street.



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